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Owner: Cj Juan

Phone: (360) 489-6747
cj@unique-rai.com or info@unique-rai.com
Serving Thurston County

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Unique Story


"Life Is The Way You Make It!.."

Cj started his carpentry career as a laborer for a foundation company in Napa, CA where he grew up from the age of fourteen. Napa was a small town back then and did not offer a whole lot to do for a kid. So he spent most of his time with his Noni, Popi and his grandparents learning all kinds of different crafts.

Cj started Unique in 2015 with the intent to change the experience a client has with its contractor. He was shocked and embarrassed when he found out that contractors were America's number one most complained about industry. He has pushed Unique to be an up and coming leading full service remodeling and appliance installation company in the Thurston, Co area.

As the proud owner of Unique my mission is to inform, inspire, and ignite a change in the experience of a Contractor throughout the community. He has accomplished this change through time, effort, communication, integrity and quality. 


Cj lives in Olympia, WA with plans to stay in the area for many years to come and would love to meet you and others in the community.